Who Am I?

I'm a Junior going to LG Pinkston High School and this website was created when I decided to take a Dual Credit class at El Centro College. Once I graduate I plan on going to Texas Women's University. I want to major in Psychology and minor in Human Services, Law and Nursing. I want to help kids as much as I can and I also want to help out in my community. In the near fututre I'm going to start volunteering at Children's Hospital because I might end working there and I want to get a feel of how it is working at a hospital with kids but I know I'll love it.

My Favorites

My favorite hobbies are reading, writing poetry and listening to music. Whenever I have a bad day or if I ever just want to let some feelings out I grab my journal and start writing, music helps me relax and reading lets me get away from reality for a few hours.